A survey published yesterday by PublicAgenda, a non-profit group in New York, claims that six in ten Americanspolled see aggressive and reckless driving everytime they are on theroad.  My question is, “What are the other four looking at whenthey are on the road?” Forget about all the nonsense I see while I’mbiking, I rarely have to leave my front steps to see aggressive and recklessdriving. The self-proclaimed “crunchiest site on the interweb”, Taquitos.net,seems to have undertaken a monumental and artery-clogging task: reviewing all the snack foods in the World.  Daunting task,really.  Somehow, they’ve managed to overlook the world’s only trulygreat potato chips, Dakota Style Potato Chips.  After all, once you’vehad Dakota Style, everything else is just a pale imitation of a fried snackfood.  Not to be missed, however, is Taquitos.net’s gallery of theWorst Chips Ever.  I can safely proclaim that Iprobably wouldn’t have purchased Cuttlefish Flavored Snack to begin with, but after readingthe review, it is now a certainty that I won’t be eating those particularsnacks, ever.