Yesterday, Sarah and I had lunch at a Buddhist temple in Berkeley (WatMongkolratanaram).  Every Sunday the temple serves Thai food to thepublic to finance additions to and maintenance of their temple.  Thescene is one of a very diverse potluck without a single bowl of jello saladin sight.  There are people there from all walks of life, and from allbackgrounds who just want to have a hearty helping of excellent Thai foodthat they can eat outdoors.  We had a combination of curry dishes andpad thai served over rice as one component of our meal.  For the othercomponent we had papaya salad, which probably sounds like a sweet fruitsalad.  In this case, the salad is made for each person individually,and that person can specify the amount of spices that they want added totheir serving.  Sarah and I chose to have our salads made to the”medium” heat specification.  Wow.  It was a good thingwe didn’t choose “hot.” I really like hot foods and medium wasplenty hot for me. The weather in the Bay Area was beautiful yesterday so it was a really greatthing to be sitting outside eating Thai food.  After lunch we went backto Alameda, put the bikes on the back of Sarah’s car, and drove into SanFrancisco.  We biked all over Golden Gate Park.  The park isbeautiful right now as all the native California flowers are blooming, andso are many of the flower beds that are maintained by gardeners andvolunteers.