We are in the middle of a series of beautiful days here in the BayArea.  The temperatures are sixty-five to seventy degrees during theday with no clouds and a warm sun.  It’s really hard to work indoors ondays like these.

Sarah got me a 30-minute massage for Valentine’s Day at her gym.  So, I’m off tothe gym this Saturday to get my first professional massage.  Thatshould be an interesting experience. My Adult Literacy Student is back from Korea so now I have to decide ifI’m going to continue tutoring him.  On one hand, I enjoy it.  Onthe other hand, I’m only going to be here in the Bay Area for another twomonths, so it might be worthwhile for him to get started with another tutorwho isn’t going to leave right away.

Seen at the corner of Santa Clara and Webster in Alameda:

  • A large highway orange sign that read “Road Work Ahead.&quot
  • Six feet behind that sign was another highway orange sign that read”End Construction.”
  • Thirty feet beyond that sign was a backhoe tearing up the street.