It must be spring.  Sarah and I put in most of our vegetable gardenyesterday.  We planted two rows of carrots, two rows of Italian beets,and laid out one row of potatoes that we’ll plant later this week.  Forfertilizer, we used “wormilizer.”  That’s what we callfertilizer that we get from our worm farm in the basement.  We feed theworms coffee grounds, vegetable peelings and the like and they, in turn,churn out high quality organic fertilizer. While we were out weeding, turning over the soil and planting the seeds,Ira was outside with us.  He alternated between contemplation of theworld and exploration of the same.

It was nice of Bush/Cheney to think of us.  His push to roll-backpatient privacy levels to the pre-Clinton era was another nice touch andanother nod to big business.