The streets around Alameda Hospital are among the most dangerous in Alamedasometimes.  People tend to come tearing out of the hospital parkinglots with almost careless abandon.  Maybe they do this because theyhave already figured out that if get into an accident that involves aninjury to themselves or other people that the injured parties won’t have topay for an ambulance.  The hospital can just roll a gurney out, scrapethe injured off the pavement, and roll them right into the emergency room. Sarah and I are starting to worry about Ira a bit.  He doesn’t seemto be eating much, even though we’ve been trying to feed him varyingmenus.  He’ll eat a little bit one day, and then nothing thenext.  I’ll have to try a few different things this weekend to see ifhe’s just being finicky or if there is actually something wrong withhim.

Why aren’t these priests who spend their freetime molesting childrengoing to jail?  If teachers, policeman, or nearly anyone else molestedchildren as often as priests there would be a very high number of peoplegoing to jail.  Just as importantly, why hasn’t the Cardinal in Bostonbeen forced to resign?  This guy knowingly shuttles childabusers from one church to another and now he gets a get out-of-jail-freecard?!?