Some notes about our trip to Wisconsin:- When one travels through the San Francisco airport, one might noticethat there are exhibits on display in the passenger areas.  Theseexhibits fall into one of two categories:1. Art exhibits.

  1. History exhibits. As such, if one gets bored in the San Francisco airport, there arenumerous things to see as one walks around the terminal.  ChicagoO’Hare (ORD) could take a lesson from SFO in this regard.  ORD hasalmost nothing to do or see.  The extent of mental stimulationavailable in ORD is a dinosaur skeleton replica and CNN’s Airport Network(which I despise on the general principal that television didn’t need tobrought into public areas).
    • The traffic lights in Madison, WI are all arranged horizontally insteadof vertically.  It takes a person some time to adjust to this seeminglysenseless, non-standard traffic signal placement.
    • The University of Wisconsin excels at hiding their informationcenter.  Beyond the generally hidden nature of the building itself, thesigns that supposedly lead to the information center were actually designedand placed by a Bostonian with a grudge.  Much like the signs inBoston, the signs leading to the UWisconsin information center are designedto lead people away from the center.
    • A book I found the UWisconsin biology department library:  TheNew Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.  Does the worldreally need a shorter dictionary?  How does one make a shorterdictionary?  By cutting words or by cutting descriptions?  Whatgood is a reference volume that isn’t complete?  Beyond that, I madethe apparently naive assumption that college students would want alonger dictionary, especially one that is a reference volume in alibrary and doesn’t need to be transported on one’s back from class toclass.
    • A men’s room in the biology department building:
    • One toilet
    • Two urinals
    • Ten coat hooksApparently the builders of the bathroom had a student body in mind thathad a very large number of coats worn daily per capita.

That’s enough for now.  I’ll post some more tomorrow or the nextday.