We had a reasonably relaxed weekend.  On Saturday we went into San Francisco and bought a few pieces of sporting goods at a store before taking in the movie Gosford Park at the Metreon.  Interestingly enough, the Metreon sells “butter-flavored” popcorn, rather than “buttered” popcorn.  While it was a good movie, it wasn’t a great movie.  In some ways, it is a sad commentary on quality of movies made last year that this one is considered one of the best.

We took Ira outside yesterday for some supervised playtime and he made friends with several of our neighbors.  Ira also discovered that curbs are higher than they appear.  I put him down in the middle of the yard, and after watching the traffic on the sidewalk in front of our house for a few minutes, he started his deliberate trek to the street.  He made it across the sidewalk without incident and then he headed for the curb.  I was watching this with some curiosity because I wanted to see if he would actually go off the curb and into the street or if the height of the curb would dissuade him.  Ira, however, was not intimidated in the least by the curb.  He went head first over the curb, and ended up in what could be charitably described as an awkward position.  He landed on his chin.  His rear legs were dangling in the air because the back part of his shell was still on the curb.  His front legs couldn’t get much purchase on the street to pull his shell off the curb.  Given enough time he would have moved himself along, I’m sure.  However, I felt sorry for the little guy, so I picked him up, made sure he didn’t sustain any obvious damage, and put him back on the lawn.  In the battle of Ira v. the curb, I’d have to rule that one a draw.

We made spritz cookies last night.  It is clear that recipes formulated in the days before non-stick cookie sheets do not always translate well to modern cooking apparatus.  What we actually needed last night was a non-non-stick cookie sheet.