Last night I got to thinking about the origin of tortilla chips.  It’sobvious that the modern incarnation of tortilla chips are nothing like theirorigins.  Look at the name “tortilla chips.”  This seemsto indicate that tortilla chips were originally just that, chips off of atortilla.  Maybe tortillas were fried and then shattered to makechips.  Maybe the tortillas were cut up and then fried, I don’tknow.  What I do know is that there is no way to get from a tortilla tothe modern “tortilla chip” which is a much closer relative to theFrito or the Cheeto than to the tortilla. OK, so I’m writing this after 1 in the morning.  There is a betterthan average chance that I what I wrote above doesn’t make a bit ofsense.  Guess I’ll have to edit that tomorrow/today.