The world needs an Idea Graveyard where Bad Ideas can be buried. Then, every time someone thinks they have an original idea (which the rest ofus have already discarded as Bad), we can direct that individual to therelevant tombstone in the Idea Graveyard.  The tombstone would containa few brief points demonstrating that the Idea in question was uniformlyBad.  This would save everyone hours and hours of fighting the samepointless battles over Bad Ideas.

Today is an election day in California.  We are voting in partyprimaries and on other state and local initiatives.  If you live in SanFrancisco, you have a nearly uncountable number of candidates andpropositions for which to vote.  Those of us in the East Bay have aslightly easier time because there are fewer local ballot questions. I’m registered as a "non-partisan" which means that I can onlyvote in the primaries of parties that allow non-registered party members tovote in their primary.  Given the generally shallow pool of candidatesfor the state wide offices, I decided to exercise my right to remain outsidethe party messes, and vote on the non-partisan ballot.  The Republicancandidates for governor generally run as far to the right as they canbecause they need the hard-core conservative vote to get elected.  Thismeans that they are all unthinkingly for capital punishment, stoppingimmigration, less corporate taxes, etc., etc., etc.  Republicancandidates are also vocally pro-life nearly without exception.  GrayDavis is the only real Democratic candidate for governor and we already knowthat he’s a self-serving, poll-watching, publicity-hungry, potentialpresidential-candidate wannabe.  All of this means that he hasabsolutely no convictions other than getting and staying elected. Whoopee.  What a choice. Our pleasant week-plus of unusually warm and sunny weather is coming toan end this evening.  We’ve been having sunny days with temperatureswell into the sixties and sometimes the lower seventies.  It’s beenreally nice.