In Alameda, bicycles are almost as heavily regulated as automobiles.  Some of the more ridiculous city ordinances: - Bicycles are prohibited from making a left turn at intersections controlled by traffic signals.

  • It is illegal to park one’s bike in public and leave it unlocked.  Maybe this ordinance is enforced by the bicycle theft community?
  • Bicycles must be licensed.  Of course, the one time I tried asking a member of Alameda’s PD if bicycle licensing was available (I was thinking about theft recovery at the time), this particular member of Alameda’s finest remembered, only vaguely, that the Fire Department handles bicycle licensing (which it does by law).
  • Bicycles must have a bell or horn audible at 100 feet.
  • It is illegal to have a siren or whistle on a bike.
  • It is illegal to imitate the sound of a siren or whistle while on a bike.