What’s the problem with Canada’s hockey team?  Their national team is an incredible assembly of all-star talent and they just can’t get their act together long enough to win a few games every four years. Does anyone really care about the figure skating controversy that has dominated Olympic news the last few days?  It would be nice if there were less figure skating televised from the Olympics and more events that are unusual like curling, ski jumping and the like.  As it is we get way too much figure skating.  Add in some sort of judging controversy and it’s all skating all the time.  Ugh. We got our voter information packet from the California Secretary of State’s office yesterday.  California’s primary is 05 Mar 02.  The packet gave each candidate for major offices about a paragraph in which to introduce themselves to voters.  Most candidates seem to have ideas about parts of the government that are completely beyond the scope of the office for which they are running.  For instance, many candidates for state controller seem to believe that the job is all about setting the state’s spending priorities.  It seems to me that the Legislature spends the money.  The controller cuts the checks as directed by the Legislature and tries to ensure that there is no fraud with the money spent by the Legislature.  It seems unlikely that the Legislature will give up its power to spend money to one person, regardless of that person’s views on the matter.  The Libertarian party is trotting out a one-issue guy for lieutenant governor.  That particular candidate’s entire platform is that ferret ownership should be legal in CA.  Okay, so maybe it should, but perhaps you could have more than one issue so that if you were elected, we would know where else you stood on other issues.  Just a thought.  Regardless you can check out the guy’s web site.  It even includes driving directions and maps to get ferrets past the CA state Ag checkpoints.  The American Independent Party also appears on California’s ballot.  Reading their bullet points in the back of the voter’s guide makes the AIP sound like they might be better named the Militia Party.  They are pro-gun, anti-IRS, pro-debt-free society, anti-Federal Reserve System, anti-Census Bureau, pro-putting real silver back in America’s coinage, anti-any law that prevents any oil company from doing anything it wants (anywhere) to increase domestic oil production, anti-DC becoming a state, etc. etc. If you have a couple of minutes and need some interesting reading, I suggest taking a gander at the party’s platform.  You’ll get a good read on how the Militia Party sees the world.