It was a beautiful weekend in the Bay Area.  Both Saturday and Sunday temperatures were in the mid-sixties with sunshine and little wind.  Saturday we broke out the barbeque and grilled some chicken and burgers.  Sunday we had salmon on the grill.  On both days we let Ira outside for some supervised playtime.  He likes to bask in the sun for a while before starting to wander around the yard.  Of course, the neighbor’s cat would like to get his grubby little cat paws on Ira, but my vigilant and anti-cat presence is enough to keep Ira safe from the cat’s depredations. Saturday night we took in a play at the Altarena Playhouse in Alameda.  The Altarena is the oldest community theater in the Bay Area and has a nice theater in which to work.  The plays are presented as theater-in-the-round because the space is small and people are seated all around the stage. Hopefully you missed the great majority of the Olympics opening ceremonies on Friday night.  I’ve heard the opening ceremonies described as a three hour Super Bowl half-time show, which is isn’t too far off the truth.  NBC’s coverage of the Olympics has gone a long way to leaching any excitement or life out of the Games.  Everything is canned and over-blown to try and stimulate maximum emotional impact.  Yuck.