If you haven’t been shocked or embarrassed by the US Government of late, give the Green Scissors Report a gander.  This report details many of the current and proposed tax breaks and subsidies given to the energy industry by the federal government.  Why is it that we need to give ExxonMobil more tax subsidies when the company made $17.7 billion in profit in 2001?  According to the Green Scissors report, the government is going to give the energy industry over $62 billion dollars in subsidies in the current budget.  Just think of the things that we could do with that money.  Every state in the nation could get $1.24 billion dollars to spend on public schools, public transit, libraries, child care, medicine, anything but fattening the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear companies.  I wish I was able to say that South Dakota politicians weren’t taking part in this rampant abuse of taxpayer dollars, but Daschle is up to his necktie in it by sponsoring a Senate bill with many provisions that are friendly to the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear industries.