So, a company sends you a package via one of the big package delivery services (FedEx, UPS, Airborne Express).  The package gets delivered somewhere else and the delivery service can’t explain why.  The company sends you another package identical to the first.  That package isn’t misdelivered, it just disappears.  The company’s tracking system no longer knows where that package is.  You start calling to find out where this second package is.  The first question you’re always asked by the shipping company is, "So you don’t have the package?"  Of course I don’t have the package.  Why on earth would I be wasting my time talking to you if I had the package in question?!?!? We made rabbit stew yesterday with the rabbit I killed in SD.  It took a fair amount of effort, but the end result was worth it.  We first had to clean the rabbit by skinning it and cutting the meat off the bones.  During this process, we also took out any BB’s that were left in the meat by the shotgun.  This was the longest portion of the procedure and it took us about two hours to get it done right.  After that was done, we soaked the meat in a solution of water, salt, and vinegar for about three hours.  This removed most of the blood left in the meat and also served to embed a fair amount of salt in the meat.  When we put the rabbit meat in the solution, the meat was red; three hours late when we took the meat out, it had changed to grey.  Once that was done, the rest of the stew-making-process was just like one would follow for beef stew.  We browned the meat, tossed it a crock pot with spice and vegetables and left it alone for a few hours. Hopefully, you got to watch the Superbowl today.  If not, you missed a great game.  The Patriots beat the Rams 20-17 on a last second field goal.  I really don’t like the Rams, so it was a delight to watch them lose.  The Rams are so full of themselves, that it is always nice to watch them knocked down a few pegs.  U2 provided the (lame and overly lengthy) half-time entertainment.  Of course, Superbowl half-time entertainment is always bad, so the fact that U2’s show was no different was no surprise.  Also, can’t we find an American band to sing at America’s event if the primary focus is going to be American triumph over tragedy?  Was Bruce Springsteen busy or did anyone even bother to ask him?  Nothing against U2, but I know they are Irish by birth so it’s hard to think of them as American. Ira got some supervised playtime yesterday and today.  He is getting slightly more used to going outside for periods of time.  Today, he tried to make good his escape by slowly trundling across the driveway and under a neighbor’s car.  Of course, I wasn’t too worried about him getting away considering that about sixty to eighty of his steps are equivalent to one of my strides. I’ve been reading one of the most specious web sites on-line of late.  The Misplaced Wind Power web site claims to offer the "truth" about wind power that the "wind industry" and "renewable lobbyists" don’t want you to know.  The claims on this web site might sound to someone who wasn’t thinking very clearly like they make sense.  However, even a cursory examination of the issues reveals how sophistic most of these arguments are.  There are so many issues here, that I could write a small book addressing them all.  As such, let’s just examine a few. - Wind power is supposed to reduce pollution by replacing coal, oil, and gas power plants with “clean” wind power.  In reality, pollution could be reduced even more by installing scrubbers and building new power plants that put out reduced emissions.

  • Utility operators always fight any attempt to get them to lower emissions.  Why should they suddenly find it desirable to spend their money to lower emissions?  Just to spite the wind industry?
  • Building new plants doesn’t force old plants off-line.  Most of the time, new plants simply allow the power from the old plants to be sold out-of-state to satisfy power demands elsewhere.
  • Using wind power doesn’t just reduce emissions, it eliminates them.  This isn’t an argument of one-half emissions versus one-quarter emissions.  It’s an argument of none versus more than none.
  • Wind turbines kill birds  Duh.  So do windows, cars, six-pack rings, shotguns, airliners, other birds, cats, and hundreds of other common items.  No one is saying that we shouldn’t build any more buildings with windows because birds fly into them and die.  Why should this be an argument against wind power?  The Wisconsin Audubon Society estimates that 97.6 million birds are killed by flying into windows every year in the US.  That’s over 267,000 birds a day killed by windows!  By comparison, one estimate of turbine-related deaths in Europe is 0.54 deaths per turbine per day in the height of the migration season.  So, imagine that there exists a perpetual migration season in the US and you would have to build over 495,000 wind turbines in America to kill as many birds as windows.  If the US is just over 3.7 million squre miles, that’s one wind turbine per every seven miles.  It certainly seems unlikely that we would build that many wind turbines, so wind turbines will never causes any many bird deaths as other factors already in place in America.
  • Heavy equipment used to build wind turbines causes soil compaction around the wind turbine sites.  Since when did we stop building traditional power plants with heavy equipment and how would this not apply to those activities as well?
  • Your tax dollars secretly support the wind industry through tax breaks, and direct payments to wind companies for research and development.  And this would be different from GW Bush/Cheney funding clean coal research how?  The oil industry certainly doesn’t want to drill in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for ANWR’s benefit and yet letting the oil industry destroy a portion of a national park isn’t a hand-out?  The fossil fuel industry has plenty of government perks of their own.
    It’s these sorts of half-truths that are being used to find wind power in the US and quite honestly, its sickening.