It has been unseasonably cold here the past few days.  Frost has actually been forming on car windows at night!  Of course, Bay Area residents are woefully unprepared for frost.  Most of them have "scrapers" which Sarah describes disdainfully as "glorified squeegees."  On my bike rides to the ferry in the morning, I’ve seen people using actual squeegees, rags, credit cards, and garden hoses to try and remove the frost from their car windows because they don’t possess actual scrapers.  Some people just get frustrated, get into the car and sit there for fifteen minutes with the car running, the defroster on high, and the wipers running.  Someone from the Upper Great Plains would probably fall down laughing if they saw how woefully unprepared for frost Bay Area residents are.  While the Bay Area may be one of the nation’s foremost culinary hot spots, South Dakota and Minnesota residents have far more advanced scraper technology at their disposal.

Heard at the breakfast table this morning:  "Hey, this is the sports section!  No wonder there is so much news about sports!"  Needless to say that the anonymous individual who uttered those words was functioning pre-coffee-ingestion.

Had I felt that GW Bush was going to say anything specific in his State of the Union address last night, it might have been worth watching.  As it is, most State of the Union addresses these days are nothing more than speeches filled with banal generalities:- Terrorism bad.

  • Education good.
  • Poverty bad.
  • Energy good.
  • Taxes bad.
  • Social Security good. Fascinating dreck.  Thanks for the not-update.

Our local public radio station is holding yet another pledge drive.  I’m pretty sure they hold pledge drives four times a year now.  The only thing that pledge drives do is drive down listenership.  I for one, generally avoid public radio completely during pledge drives, which then changes my listening habits.  Miss a few days of Marketplace, or a couple of weeks of Car Talk, and you get out of the habit of listening.

Interesting side note on the word squeege.  According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the word dates back to 1844.  I thought the word was much newer than that.