So Dick Cheney still doesn’t want to hand over records that were kept of his secret meetings with energy tycoons to plan out the Bush administration energy strategy.  Why not?  What does he have to hide?  It becomes clearer everyday that there is something in those records that Cheney doesn’t want Congress and the public to see.  Cheney’s strategy of delay, deny, delay will only work for so long.  Eventually, those records will become public.

There was actually a small scattering of snow throughout the Bay Area this morning.  Alameda didn’t get any snow, of course, but a town to our south did, as did most of the large hill-tops.  One school district closed school because there was a light dusting of snow on the ground in their district.  Perhaps those school officials should visit South Dakota in the winter to see what snow is really like.  There are days when the snow has fallen all night, and is still falling, and the Watertown school district just decides to run its buses a couple of hours late.

We spent a quite weekend around Alameda.  Saturday we cleaned the cruft out of our book and CD collections while generally straightening up the apartment.  After that we went for a long walk to the other end of the island for some sushi and back.  Sunday we went biking since the sun was out and the temperature wasn’t too cold.  I watched some of the Patriots-Steelers game, and listened to some of the Rams-Eagles game on the radio.  Nothing too exciting, however.