Does anyone else find it hard to get too excited about the treatment of the Taliban and al Queda guys being held in Cuba?  They get food.  They get water.  They get to pray toward Mecca.  We gave them copies of the Koran.  We sent an imam to lead them in prayer.  How mistreated could they really be?  They certainly would not have treated their enemies any better and most assuredly those same enemies would have been treated much worse.

Several tens of somebodies ought to go to jail in relation to the Enron fiasco, but I’m willing to bet that almost nobody does.

Ralph Nader had a good point in regards to Enron.  He spoke about how the Republicans are running around patting themselves on the back because they didn’t help Enron when the company’s executives placed calls to the White House and other senior Administration officials for help six months before the complete and total collapse of the company.  Nader’s observation was that these same officials did nothing at all after they hung up the phone with Enron.  They didn’t tell the SEC.  They didn’t tell the public.  They didn’t tell the Justice Department.  These people did nothing, and now they are congratulating themselves for that?