We saw the movie A Beautiful Mind last night.  I don’t want to give away the plot of the movie, so I won’t discuss any of its finer points here, but the movie was very well done.  We both enjoyed ourselves and, considering that we paid less than full price for admission, felt that we got our money’s worth.

Ira continues to show us a little more personality everyday.  His favorite food seems to be butternut squash, so we use that as a treat.  We’ll cut it up into tortoise-sized bites and then hold a bite of the squash in his pen between our fingers.  When we first started this, he used to try and knock the squash out of our fingers with his front legs.  If that didn’t work (and it didn’t), Ira would eventually just bite the squash with his mouth, at which point we would release it.  His new tactic to get us to drop the squash is to bite our fingers.  Fortunately, he has a little jaw and no teeth, so this is amusing and cute and not painful.  Ira also seems to know when he’s been fed in the mornings, even if he’s in his hiding place with his back to his salad rock.  Soon after his salad rock is filled, he turns himself around in his hiding spot, and starts his twenty minutes of mandatory staring at his salad, before trundling over to eat his breakfast.

I have a credit card account with Citibank.  Citibank has a web site that allows me to check the activity on my card whenever I feel like it.  On the very first page of that site is the following text in reasonably large letters:> “I count on Citi to give me what I need to work, play–live.”Who, exactly, is Citibank quoting here?  Are we actually supposed to believe that there is a witless soul out there in the great unknown who truly believes in the depths of their being that they need Citibank to live?  That Citibank provides them with everything they need to work and play?  Every time I see that slogan my stomach turns over in disgust and my distaste for large corporations is renewed.  Of course, seeing as how Citibank is a bank, none of this is truly surprising.