There are a few small indications that Sarah and I might be feeling better.  Actually, while I feel much better, Sarah still seems to be sick.  However, while I’m feeling better, I’m still not 100%.

Last night we watched the Raiders lose to the Patriots.  The Raiders were ahead 13-10 with just under two minutes to play when they forced an apparent fumble out of the Pats QB, Tom Brady.  However, after a review of the instant replay tapes, the play was ruled an incomplete pass.  If you saw the play, or the replay, you’d be hard pressed to explain how any fumble by the quarter back couldn’t be ruled as an incomplete pass if that particular play was ruled as such.  Brady had clear possession of the ball, was not in any way attempting to throw the ball, and then had the ball knocked from his grasp by Charles Woodson of the Raiders.  The Raiders lost to the Pats and the referees in this particular game.

Friday night Sarah and I went to the Paramount Theatre in Oakland where we saw the movie Yankee Doodle Dandy.  For the five dollars a piece that we paid to get in, this has to be some of the best entertainment around.  The theatre itself is gorgeous!  The theatre was built just over seventy years ago in the Art Deco style.  In the 1970s, the theatre was restored as accurately as possible to its historical condition.  The lobby is soaring and filled with statues, lights, and staircases.  Murals are everywhere.  Much like the Grand Lake Theatre, the Paramount has an organist who plays the house organ from the front of the house before the show starts.  When the show is about to start, the curtain goes up and the theatre plays some old "News of the Day" clips.  After that, a cartoon is screened.  Then, the house lights come up and door prizes are given away.  An art deco-style wheel is raised to the front of the stage.  A woman dressed in formal wear spins the wheel to generate the numbers that are winners for a particular prize.  Ushers in tuxedos scurry through the audience to verify winners and announce prizes.  This is all good fun.  After a few prizes are given away, the wheel is lowered beneath the stage, the curtain goes up, and the movie begins.  We were both feeling sick on Friday night, but this was such a good time that we were able to forget our sickness to a certain degree for awhile.