We saw the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on Tuesday.  The movie was good, there is no question about that.  Characters were presented as they were written in the book.  The action in the movie happened pretty much just as it did in the book.  In fact, that was ultimately the biggest criticism that Sarah and I had.  The movie was so like the book that we were somewhat bored by the movie.  So, we decided that the next time a Harry Potter movie is released, we’ll wait and see it on video (if then even).  Not because the movie wasn’t good, but rather because the book was a bit better. Tonight I blocked off a section of the kitchen floor and put Ira down to see if he could use a little exercise.  Let’s just say that he was less than impressed.  He didn’t really like the fact that the linoleum wasn’t well suited to tortoise feet and claws.  He didn’t seem to like being picked up out of his pen rather unceremoniously.  So, rather than an hour of time crawling around on the floor, I gave him fifteen minutes before putting him back in his pen.  It’s probably going to take some gentle breaking in before he’s ready to come out of his pen regularly. Since we got back to San Francisco on 27 Dec 01 we’ve had exactly one and one-half day without rain.  On Monday of this week we only had one-half day of rain.  Today, we got a whole day without rain.  However, we got thick fog instead.  On the ferry this morning we couldn’t see more than ten yards off to either side of the ship.  Once the ferry terminal in Alameda faded into the fog, we didn’t see a thing except fog until the ferry pulled up to the dock in San Francisco.  We couldn’t even see the Bay Bridge as the ferry went under it.  That’s the first time I can remember not being able to see the Bridge as we went under it, regardless of the weather conditions.