It’s been a pretty low-key day so far.  Sarah and I both got up late this morning as we were out last night celebrating New Year’s Eve.  We took down the Christmas tree and packed away all of our Christmas decorations.  Sarah put new wiper blades on the her car and I cleaned the inside surface’s of the car’s windows.  Nothing too exciting.  We’re talking about going to see the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone tonight as we just finished dinner and we haven’t seen too many movies of late. Yesterday, I spent some time hacking away at my script (which can be found in the (now dead) scripts section of my web site.  The previous version on the site was 1.1; the current version is 1.11.  Major changes include actual command line switches that work, detailed help, embedded help, use of references instead of array copying, and some other performance boosts.