We got back about 6 PM PST last night from our trip to Cleveland, OH tovisit Sarah’s parents. We had a good time there. They got enoughsnow while we were there that the ground was covered. It was reallynice to have some cold weather and snow for Christmas.

While we were in Cleveland, we went to the Pro Football Hall ofFame in Canton, OH. This was particularly fun for me. TheHall of Fame was just one of those places that I just assumed that I’d neversee. I’d never bothered to see where Canton was in relation toanywhere else in the USA and just assumed that it was far away from anywhereI’d ever find myself. As it turns out, Canton is just over an hourfrom Cleveland. It was fun to see all the historical memorabilia,player information, records, busts of players and coaches, and everythingelse housed in the Hall. For some reason, I’d just assumed that atleast two members of the Viking’s Purple People Eaters were enshrined in theHall (Marshall and Page), but it turns out that only Page is enshrined inthe Hall. Marshall’s uniform is there, but he’s mostly mentioned forhis one great mistake, that of running a fumble the wrong way during agame.

We also spent time at Sarah’s brother’s house. I’d never seen hisplace before, so that was fun. He and I stacked some firewood (hepartially heats his house with wood) and he showed me how to split firewood,which I’d never done before. It took a few logs to figure out what Iwas doing, but I was getting the hang of it after a while. Hard workthough.

The flights back from Cleveland yesterday were reasonably routine. Other than a mysterious shortage of cranberry juice on the flight fromChicago to Oakland and the horrendous “snack” on the same flight,that is. On the way out to Cleveland, however, our flights were hardlyroutine. On Saturday morning, Sarah and I took a cab to OaklandAirport where we were to board a flight to Chicago on United. However,Sarah didn’t have a seat pre-assigned on that flight, and as flight timeapproached it became clearer and clearer that she wouldn’t get one as theairline first oversold the flight and then used a smaller aircraft than theone they had originally oversold. So, I gave up my seat to her. After standing in a two hour line to get my seats to Cleveland thenext day and my compensation for “volunteering” my seat, I took ataxi home. Technically, I took a cab to a taqueria and walked homefrom there with a burrito, but who cares. Anyway, the next morning Igot up and called a cab again to take me to Oakland Airport. The samecab driver we had gotten on Saturday morning picked me up on Sundaymorning. The first thing he said was, “What? You didn’t goyesterday?” So, we chatted on the way to the airport (he has 28inch hair under his turban which he rewraps every morning in three to fiveminutes). Sunday I was actually able to get on the plane andeverything ran smoothly from there. On the trip home, we spent ourtime in the Cleveland Airport on the Spectator Deck. The SpectatorDeck sits above the concourse, all the way at the end of one concoursearm. It was great. We were literally the only people upthere. The room is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows which let inlots of natural light. As such, it was sunny and peaceful which is theexact opposite of most airports.