Last night we saw the play Proof. Great play. The theatre itself was less than ideal. The play itself was fantastic. The acting, set, sound, and lighting were all top-shelf. The storyline is that of a young-woman who spent most of her twenties caring for her one-time mathematical genius, not mentally unbalanced father. That might sound like the storyline of a Sunday night crying movie, but the writing is sharp and keeps the play from bogging down in its own subject matter.

Ira the Tortoise continues to display little quirks of personality. For instance, he absolutely doesn’t like to be watched while he eats. If he catches you watching him while he’s eating, he’ll stop and stare at you for a while. If you think that you might be able to out stare a tortoise, you are wrong. After a good, hard stare, Ira heads for his log. He stays in his log for an hour or two and then comes out when the coast is clear and eats some more. Ira also has very clear likes and dislikes when it comes to food. His favorite foods so far have been kale and zucchini. Dandelion greens and sage flowers are good occasional snacks. Chopped apple is also good on occasion. Beet greens can be eaten once a week. Chard, beets, and bananas just are not consumed. It’s a challenge to find things he likes to eat that will provide him with all the right vitamins that he needs. Since we’re going out of town over Christmas, I had to ask our neighbor’s kid if he would come over and care for Ira while we’re out. BI (Before Ira), we could head off on a trip with little to no preparation. Just one more way in which having a pet has changed my routine.

I had my first “tortoise parent” dream the other night. I dreamt that I had taken Ira out into the yard for some supervised playtime. However, I got distracted by something and spent a half-hour indoors while he was outside. When I remembered that I’d left him outdoors, I could no longer find him. I searched all over the yard and under the house looking for Ira. All I could find were lots and lots of other tortoises, but not Ira. At the end of the dream, I was seriously considering hiring a bloodhound to follow his tracks and find out where he had gone. When I explained this dream to a friend of our who has children, he told me that this was a classic “parent” dream. Hence, the “tortoise parent” moniker.