Sarah and I both gave blood last night. Not necessarily a greatexperience. Normally, I get hot, sweaty, and faint during the donationprocess. This usually persists until one of the Red Cross workersbrings me some water or juice and then I feel better. This time Idecided to preempt that feeling by bringing a bottle of water with me to thedonation station and drinking it during my donation. This seemed tohelp keep me on a more even keel during the donation. However, afterthe donation, I almost fainted on my way to the canteen from the donationstation. Had the distance been even six or ten feet farther there isa good chance I would have been on the floor. We sat in the canteenfor about fifteen minutes and I felt almost normal, so we left. However, after dinner, I got home and essentially collapsed. I fell fastasleep at approximately 9 PM PST and didn’t get up until until 6:30 AM PST thismorning. For whatever reason the donation process wiped me out. Great Red Cross Conspiracy Exposed: All the literaturepublished by the Red Cross reads that the Red Cross takes only “apint” of blood from each blood donor (approximately 500ml of blood, ifthe cursed metric system is your game). The truth of the matter,however, is that the Red Cross takes 540ml of blood at each donation, anunpublished eight percent inflation! The Red Cross puts 500ml of bloodin each blood donation bag (?), but then puts 8ml of blood in each of fivetest tubes/vials of blood that are drawn after the bag is full. Ifthis type of unpublished inflation is allowed to continue, pretty soon eachdonor will be unknowingly giving a gallon of blood.