Joke I heard today:
Q. What do you call Osama bin Laden buried upto his neck in sand?
A. Not enough sand.

This site is undergoing some changes. The biggest change isthat I’m moving to cascading style sheets and away from all that came beforethem. This allows me to have greater control of the page and how yousee it. Unfortunately, if you’re using a browser that is older than1998, you probably won’t be able to use CSS. Sorry, that’s your toughluck. You’ll need to upgrade your browser to version 4.0 or newer(unless you’re using Konqueror or Lynx). This CSS change won’t be madeto all the pages on the current site as the changeover for any given page isa non-trivial process. Most likely the CSS changeover will be made tothe front page and the title pages for each individual section. Amajor change that I’m making on my end is that instead of the pages livingas flat files that I edit with a text editor, the pages will be generated bya perl script and spewed out onto the server. The actual data for anygiven page will live in a database and I’ll create/update pages by updatingthe database and then running the perl page generation script. Ofcourse, this project is still very much in its infancy, but it does loominevitably on the horizon. Once that back-end change is made, movingCSS onto the archived pages will be trivial.