The other night I finished The Manchurian Candidate by RichardCondon. Great story. I was at a used book sale a few weeks ago,and a very old copy of the book was for sale (twenty-five cents). On awhim I bought it. Now, I’m very happy that I did. It appearsthat the book isn’t even in print any more. The only items seems to carry are a DVD of the movie and an audio tape of thebook. What a shame.

The Vikes surprised me with a win last night. Given the team’sperformance in the playoff loss to the Giants last year, and the team’srecent lack of success, it seemed likely that another steamrolling by theGiants was in the cards. However, the Vikes got decent pressure upfront on Kerry Collins, and the offense had just enough of a spark to finishthe Giants off. The game was still too close for comfort. Ifjust a couple of plays had gone the Giants way instead of the Vikings’, itis no stretch of the imagination to find the Giants as winners. I’ve been reading about the pollution present in the water around mosturban centers and how that pollution gets info the food chain. Scarystuff. GE should be publicly pilloried for the low-down, slimy,unethical manner in which they refused to take responsibility for dumpingPCB’s into the Hudson river by the ton.