It’s been a long day for us. Last night, we got up at 2 AM PST towatch the Leonids meteor shower. After our alarm went off, we trundleddown to Alameda’s beach. There, we were able to lie down and watch themeteors for an hour or so. All in all, it wasn’t as impressive as I’dhoped it would be.

This morning, we got up early and trundled over to the local drug storeto get a flu shot. You might think that there wouldn’t be too manypeople lined up for a flu shot at 9 AM on a Sunday after a night of meteorwatching the night before. Yes, you might think that and you’d bewrong. It took me the better part of an hour to get my shot andSarah’s took a bit longer yet. Now we both have slightly sore leftshoulders and a hope that we won’t get the flu. This afternoon we went hiking in Mt. DiabloState Park for a few hours. The park is a really nice place inwhich to hike. My only complaint is that every trail seems to bereasonably steep and, as such, one is either always hiking uphill ordownhill. There seem to be very few straight or gently rollingsections of trail on which to hike.

We cleaned up a few items around the house yesterday that hadn’t gottendone the past couple of weekends. The garden is almosthistory. The pumpkin plant was pulled out finally yesterday as was thezucchini. That leaves us with two carrots still in the ground and whenthey are pulled, that’s the end of the garden for the year.

After taking care of some errands yesterday, we went to theOakland Zoo. Thezoo is small, but reasonably well kept up. After seeing the San DiegoZoo, however, I’m not sure that any other zoo could compete in mymind. The San Diego zoo had such a variety of animals in such uniqueand interesting enclosures that almost anything else is dull bycomparison. Regardless, the Oakland Zoo was interesting and we had agood time exploring it.