The other day for some reason I started thinking about crowns. Specifically, royal crowns. The crowns that are usually made of goldand heavily bejeweled. All crowns started their lives made for oneking or queen. This king or queen naturally would have the crownfitted to their head-size. After all, it would look than regal to have acrown that was too big or too small. Also, when one is sinking asizable portion of the royal treasury into headwear, that headwear betterfit. However what happens the royalty who originally wore the headwearpasses on (naturally or otherwise) and the new ruler comes to power with adifferent head size? Crowns certainly weren’t made with adjustablevelcro straps like baseball caps. Also, a ruler couldn’t just have anew crown made up to fit their head because the crown is a symbol oflegitimacy. Oh, the terrible wardrobe problems faced by royalty.

I’m in the process of changing web hosting companies again. Ichanged from one company to another in August when the original host had major multiple day problems which they didn’t feel likeexplaining. Fair enough. I’ll just take my businesselsewhere. The second company used better technology and charged halfas much. Great…for three months. The second company bumped alltheir hosting customers up to a minimum cost of $50/month regardless of theprevious level of service that any given customer used. So, when mymonthly hosting costs went from $10/month to $50/month with no real benefitto me, it became time to move on again. Now I’m with a third companywho charges me $10/month again. If I hadn’t moved my domain around somuch, I might think it inconvenient. However, now I have a reasonablyefficient method for moving everything over from one hosting company toanother.