We had a windy and wet weekend in the Bay Area. Before all the rainstarted on Saturday, however, we went kayaking on Tomales Bay. The kayaks that we rented wereprobably ten to twelve feet long with two cargo compartments, a rudder thatcould be deployed or retracted from the passenger compartment, and were madeout of novice-kayaker-friendly plastic. Our guide was a laid back, funguy who gave us some helpful kayaking tips which made the activity more fun,even when the wind came up. We were probably on the water for three orfour hours before the wind came up. We had just climbed intothe car to drive back to the East Bay when the rain started. Veryfortunate for us.

If you’re not watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on UPN, youprobably missed on the most entertaining hours of television ever lastTuesday. The show, normally a light-hearted drama, was turned into amusical for one night. The creator of the show wrote both the lyrics andmusic for the show. The cast members did their own signing anddancing. Great, great stuff. The Vikings on the other hand: horrid, horrid stuff. For thesecond week in a row, the Vikings allowed a local high school football teamto borrow their jerseys and play a game in the NFL. It’s the onlyexplanation for a second horrendous performance by the klutzes inpurple and gold. Dennis Green’s offensive (in more ways than one) linecontinues to show their desire to be ranked the leagues worst. Thedefense couldn’t have stopped the Eagles if all of the Eagles’ offensiveplayers were playing with their legs taped together. The games was solopsided I stopped watching at halftime and didn’t really miss athing. The only thing I missed was Moss’ meaningless touchdown catchwith five minutes to go in the fourth quarter that made the score 48-17,Eagles. It’s clear at this point that unless the Vikings undergo somesort of dramatic second half turnaround, and half the other teams in thedivision drop dead, the Vikes are out of the playoffs this year already.