The D-Day-style assault on our Halloween candy supply last night was perhapsa bit less than we expected. We actually had a bit of candy left overwhen the night was over. Of course, the fact that the front sprinklerscame on during prime trick-or-treating time was probably no smallfactor. The front sprinklers are controlled by an electrically powered timer inthe basement. When we had the power follies a couple of weeks ago, thetimer was reset and we haven’t gotten around to resetting it. Rightnow, the sprinklers come on right around 6:45 PM or so. Last night, Ididn’t get home until about ten after seven, so I pulled up to the front ofthe house on my bike and just chuckled. The front sidewalk wascompletely soaked, and even though houses all around us hadtrick-or-treaters, our was being avoided as though we were given out choresinstead of candy. Why Micro$oft Windoze Sucks, Reason Number 134,474: Today I spentone and one-half hours trying to get a CDRW drive to function in a Windows2000 system. The system could see the drive, but could not copy a CDfrom a regular CDROM drive to the CDRW without crashing. The systemcould copy from the hard drive to the CDRW with a speed matched only by thefloppy disk in lack of speed. I took the drive out of the Windoze box,slapped it in a FreeBSD box, and was burning CDs five minutes later. Why did I even bother trying to install new hardware in the Windozebox? Perhaps there is a strange substance in the air that is affectingmy thought patterns.

Anyone who has ever used HP-UX has no illusions why the company is losingmoney. It’s like HP went out of their way to make the operating systemsuck.