For the past day or so I’ve been struggling to find a positive thing to sayabout the Vikings after Sunday’s game. The best I’ve been able to comeup with is, “At least we don’t have to worry about being similarlyembarrassed this weekend because the team has a bye.” Sunday’s41-14 meltdown in Tampa Bay was awful. The score is misleadingbecause the game was never even that close. The offensive line tookthe week off for the most part and Culpepper was chased all over the fieldas a result. The Vikes’ complete and total lack of a running game isgoing to banish them to the bottom of their division this year. Tampa Bay ran our defense all over the field for five to seven minutes at astretch. Then our offense came in, ran three quick plays (mostlypasses, mostly incomplete in the first half), and it was time for thedefense to come back on the field a minute or so later. Given that,it’s no surprise that the defense simply could not do anything in the secondhalf of the game. They blew their wad in the first half. It is clear that the two-liter bottle of soda and the one-liter bottle ofsoda need to be banished from the face of the Earth as abominations. No other beverage is sold using the metric system. Why must we beburdened with the metric system when purchasing soda? Soda should besold in half-gallon and quart sizes as these two sizes would transparentlyreplace the metric volumes we currently buy. The metric system is acancer and must be fought at every turn before it encroaches too deeply intoAmerican society. Someone yesterday tried to convince me howconvenient it is to use the metric system over Imperial weights andmeasures. As anyone who knows me would understand, that misguidedindividual got an earful about the metric system and my perception of itsplace in the world.