We attended a Halloween party thrown by a friend of ours last night. There was a mountain of food and drink, and a live band. We ate,chatted, danced, and generally had a good time. I went dressed up as abicycle messenger. Sarah went dressed up as a floor lamp. Mycostume took almost no effort. It took more time to find a cardboardtube to put in my messenger bag than anything else. Sarah’s costumetook more than a little effort. We rigged up a lamp shade to have aworking lamp inside of it, first. Then, we had to figure out how toattach the whole rig to Sarah in such a way that she could comfortably wearit around the party. The absolute hardest part was getting power intothe positive terminal of the bulb. The positive terminal on a light bulb wasnever meant to be contacted by just a wire, so we had to rig up somethingthat would be reasonably stable and secure, and would not short out the wholerig by touching the negative pole of the bulb. In the end, the wholeapparatus used telephone wire, poles from a lamp, a lamp shade, a flashlight bulb,four D cell batteries, duct tape (of course), electrical tape, a sports bra,a scarf, and a camera carrying case. In the end it worked out well andshe got a fair number of compliments at the party. Also, it made hereasy to find at the party as she was the only person with a lit lamp shadeabove their head. It’s sad to say that I’m not surprised the Republicans are pushing aheadwith their anti-ballistic missile defense program. Where on Earth dothey expect to get the money to fund such a worthless program? We’respending millions on containing bioterrorism. We’re probably going tospend billions cleaning up the rubble in New York and the Pentagon. Weputting hundreds, if not thousands, of air marshals on commercial flightsand all those people have to hired, trained, paid, and the like. Thereis discussion about federalizing the security checkpoints at all theairports nationwide. That will take no small amount of money. Wegave fifteen billion dollars to the airlines. More money out thewindow. Beyond that, we’re spending millions of dollars every daybombing Afghanistan. The Postal Service is going to spend hundreds ofmillions building places to irradiate mail. Now, there is talk about repealing more taxes to”stimulate the economy.” So, we’re hemorrhaging money to payfor all these new expenses, we’re going to decrease total government incomeby reducing taxes (in some cases retroactively, like the alternative minimumtax, which will pay back hundreds of millions of dollars to corporationsgoing back fifteen years!), and even if taxes were left alone, theeconomy is slowing down so people are spending less and making less. So, where again is the money for ABM technology? Even moreimportantly, where is the need for ABM technology? A missileshield wouldn’t have stopped the September 11th attacks, nor would it stoppeople from mailing anthrax to others. Stupid policy.

Day five of my cold. This is getting boring really quickly.