Uttered on NPR this morning by a reported in Pakistan:“It’s not necessarily comfortable to be a six-footseven-inch American at a ‘Death to America’ rally.”That reporter should win a Master of Understatement award. We’ve had all sorts of fun with our apartment in the last week or so. The washing machine that we inherited from a previous tenant works prettymuch as you might expect. However, the system that was rigged up tohandle the water coming out of the washing machine could be best describedas haphazard and was entirely dependent on one strip of rapidly aging ducttape. Unfortunately, that strip of tape gave way mid-way through oneof our loads of laundry. This forced more than a few gallons of waterout onto the basement floor. We got to spend time cleaning up thewater and letting the floor dry before securing the washing machine drainhose with a more secure method. Yesterday, it was a poweroutage. We were both in the kitchen making breakfast when everythingin the kitchen that ran on electricity simply stopped. We grabbed theflashlight and headed downstairs to check on the fuses after ascertainingthat electrical appliances in other parts of the building were stillon. This apartment, like many older buildings that haven’t beenrewired, still uses the old screw in fuses. A box cleverly labeled”Downstairs Fuse Box” was our first stop. We checked all thefuses (four) in the box and all of them were okay. Now we wereconfused. The power was out in our kitchen, but all the fuses wereokay? As it turns out, our building has fuses mounted in a not-so-wellarmored location outside the house. Of course. Why Ididn’t think to look for a fuse box (and our master electrical switch)outside the house, near the front, behind a lilac bush, I’ll never know. One of us took a trip to the emergency room yesterday. The unnamedparty was examining a food processor at a local kitchen supply store that isgoing out of business. While demonstrating that the food processor inquestion only had three parts to clean (including the blade assembly), thedemonstrator suffered a laceration to one finger. Two hours later, thelaceration was still bleeding freely, so it was off to the emergencyroom. While there, we found others with maladies including chest painfor several days straight, a woman with a pork chop bone in her throat, anda child with some problem that we could never determine. The partywith the laceration got a tetanus shot, and some bandages after the doctordetermined that the affected party did not need stitches.

The Vikings played a spirited game yesterday against the Green BayPackers. While the offense put some points on the board, the defenseheld the Packer offense in check. Culpepper was the team’s mostvaluable player on offense. Cris Carter made a nice catch of aperfect Culpepper pass for a long TD. If Doug Chapman keepsrunning like he ran yesterday, Michael Bennett is going to have a hard timegetting his job back.