The Vikes yesterday moved to 2-3 on the year, despite the best efforts ofboth the offense and the defense. The defense acted like it had neverheard of, much less seen, the West Coast offense. This, of course, isthe same offense the San Francisco 49ers have been running for almost twentyyears in one form or another. When the defense wasn’t letting Lionsreceivers run free in the defensive backfield, the offense was on the fielddemonstrating that the Vikings simply do not have a running game. TheVikes were up 31-6 at one point. A few attempts to run some time offthe clock through the passing game (!) were dismal failures. Beforetoo long, the Vikings had the ball with a few minutes left on the clock anda 31-26 lead. Their inability to get first down via the running gamemeant that the Lions got the ball back with a chance to drive and win thegame. The only reason that the Vikings won is that they made fewerunbelievably bone-headed plays than the Lions did (Thank you very much,Germane Crowell. You made my Christmas Card List this year.). Even though the Vikings won, the offensive line still stunk up thejoint. It was too bad the game was in the Dome, had the game beenplayed on a field open to the sky, the stench from the offensive line’s playmight have been able to vent outside the stadium. Culpepper was sackedfive times yesterday. Brad Badger, the starting left tackle, ispossibly the worst left tackle in the NFL at the moment. In fact,Badger is making the Todd Steussie years seem like a Golden Era for lefttackle play. We pulled most of the pumpkins out the garden yesterday. We gotthirteen pumpkins out the of the garden and there are still three left thatwe are hoping will ripen up before Halloween. The zucchini plantscontinues to produce unnaturally big zucchini, too. Next year, we mayhave to find a plant that produces more, but smaller, zucchini.