The weather here in the Bay Area has been spectacular over the past coupleof days. We’re now getting some of the summer that we missed duringsummer.

Yesterday, we went hiking in the Coyote HillsRegional Park. The park is, apparently, one of the top locations inNorthern California for birdwatching. We saw numerous birds, includingpelicans, kites, kestrels, ducks, and others, along with raccoons, foxes,deer, and other mammals. Seeing all this wildlife, right in the heartof the Bay Area, was great. One of the local public radio stations is having another pledgedrive. This same station had a drive in January, another in June, andnow they are having a week-plus this month. The problem with a pledgedrive is that they don’t shut up when you pay them. If it was possibleto get the annoying pledge drive people to go away by paying them to do so,it would make the pledge drive that much more effective. However, nomatter how much money you give to the annoying pledge drive people, theydon’t ever shut up! ARGH! Sarah and I both donate to publicradio once a year. Why should we be happy to have our favoriteprograms (which invariably air on the weekends) interrupted six to eightweeks of the year (because each pledge drive spans one week and twoweekends) even though we contribute to cause? Public radio is drivingtheir own audience away with their incessant begging for cash.

We saw the movie Zoolander the other night. Fortunately, we were usingdiscount tickets to get into the theatre. That about sums up myfeelings about the movie. Perhaps if I knew or cared about fashion themovie would have been a bit more humorous.

Why was anyone surprised that the Republicans structured their”economic stimulus package” the way they did? Tax cuts forbusinesses and rich people are what Republicans like, hence, it is what theychoose to use for an “economic stimulus.” While theeffectiveness of this could be debated, the fact that it is what theRepublicans are pushing through Congress is not shocking.