The Vikings got their first win of the season yesterday over the Tampa BayBucs. The defense is vastly improved over last year. In fact, itis the defense that has kept the team in each of the three games so far thisyear. The offense still stinks and the odor’s source can be directlytraced to the aptly named offensive line. The lack of a running gamestarts with poor play on the offensive line. The lack of a deeppassing game stems from the lack of a running game and poor play onthe offensive line. If the Vikes weren’t blessed with Culpepper at QB,each offensive series would be three and out. The offensive line can’tblock anybody. The team could save a fair amount of money byreplacing everyone on the offensive line, except Matt Birk (somebody has tosnap the ball), with orange traffic cones. The benefits to this planare numerous:1. Traffic cones can’t be called for false starts.

  1. Traffic cones can’t be called for holding.
  2. Traffic cones never get tired.
  3. Traffic cones are easily replaced when they wear out.

Most importantly, unlike the current incarnation of the offensive line, traffic cones might trip and/or slow defensive players on theirway to sack the quarterback.