The new season of Junkyard Wars started last night on The LearningChannel. Nothing else I’ve ever seen makes me feel more inadequate asa handyman. The people on this show construct machines out of nothingbut junk using welding torches, drills, engine parts, etc. I’m hardpressed to figure out why a car won’t start. I can’t imagine buildinga monster truck in ten hours like the people on the show did lastnight.

How the The Onion wouldtreat the subject of the 11 Sep 01 attacks was an interestingquestion. Yesterday, The Onion answered that question. Thelatest issue on the web is funny and yet treats the subject with thedelicacy it deserves. Having just finished Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities, I canprobably avoid reading any of his other works. Bonfire wasall-too-similar to A Man in Full. Many of the characters inboth books had the same traits, desires, and proclivities. Charactersin both books had similar fates. The plot devices were also verysimilar. Maybe that’s his point. Maybe he is telling us thatwe’re all fundamentally driven by the same desires. While that may ormay not be true, it makes for dull reading to see the same thing (couchedslightly differently) over and over and over again.