Those of you who were unfortunate enough to witness the Vikings game todaygot to see another exciting episode in the medical drama, “TheMinnesota Vikings Fight Insomnia.” This drama stars, in alphabeticalorder, “The Offense.” What happened to the vaunted Vikings offenseof yore? A great number of the current offensive woes should be laidat the feet of the offensive line. Culpepper has absolutely no time tomake decisions once the ball is snapped. Most of the offensive linemenseem to auditioning for spots as speed bumps on our interstatefreeways. In fact, real speed bumps might actually slow down thedefensive linemen more than than the current offensive line. Today’sloss against the Bears was embarrassing. Both teams seemed intent onproving just how badly their offenses could play. As such, the gameshad a particularly somnolent effect on me. We saw the movie Haiku Tunnel last night in San Francisco. It’s a veryfunny movie, which superficially at least, is about temp workers and thelegal profession in San Francisco.