I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Weird Al” Yankovic isone of the great musicians of our time.

Name for the so-called news magazine Newsweek in our house: No NewsThis Week. Newsweek and Time are both closer to People in subjectmatter than they are to a magazine like The Economist. Sarah and I both order “special” meals when we fly now. She orders meals low in fat while I order meals low in sodium. Uniteddoes very few things as well as they manage to screw up those simplerequests. The last time we flew United consistently lost my low-sodiummeal. I’ve been badgering United nearly daily in hopes that they’llget it right when we fly to Boston. Yesterday, I called United andthey had us both listed with a special request for Kosher fish meals. I informed the agent what we had actually requested and hung-up. Today, United listed Sarah as having requested a low-protein meal and me ashaving requested vegetarian. I corrected them again. We’ll seeif they manage to get it right. Somehow, I doubt that they will.