Reason Number 422 to Ride a Bicycle: You can chat with people you knowwhile riding. The other day I was riding to work when I saw a friendof mine with whom I used to work. Because we were both on our bikes,we could ride and chat at the same time. If we had been in cars, thebest we could have managed would have been a quick honk on the horn and awave.

Sarah and I took in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back this weekend. Greatflick! It was tremendously funny. If you saw and enjoyed KevinSmith’s earlier works, you definitely need to see this flick. If youhaven’t seen Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy rush out to the video store and see these moviesbefore going to see Jay and Silent Bob. You will probably find themovie funny regardless, but you’ll get more out of it if you see, at aminimum, these flew preceding flicks. We purged the garden a bit this weekend. We ripped out more thanhalf the corn as it was no longer producing ears. One of our volunteersunflowers is no longer resident in the garden as it had no more buds andall its flowers were done. The carrots we planted a couple of weeksago have yet to rear their little heads, so we’re hoping that the seedsweren’t duds. Sarah’s tomato plants are still going great guns. We’re forced to give the little ones away in bulk just to keep up with theplant.