The weather we got in July (cold and foggy in the morning, roughly 68degrees and sunny from noon to 5 PM, and cold and foggy again after 7 PM)has continued in August. Today, the sun never came out from behind thefog. As I write this, the temperature at the Oakland Airport (aboutfour miles from our house) is 57 degrees. The weather in the Bay Areahas been cold for so long that many species of trees have started to changecolor. The poison oak in the woods has changed from summer green tofall red, making it easier to spot, fortunately. The meterologistsclaim that this summer hasn’t been colder than usual, but I don’t rememberthe trees changing color before October in years past.

For the past year or so, we’ve been thinking about getting a Freeplay radio. Theradio uses a combination of solar power and human power to deliverelectricity to the radio. When we saw some of the radios on sale, wepicked one up. The radio webought runs for about 25 minutes on sixtyturns of the little handle (takes approximately ten seconds to turn thehandle that many times). It’s very cool. If you missed the [New York Times article](

DTL) about the changes at the Interiordepartment, you are probably sleeping better at night than I am. Unsurprisingly, Gale Norton has stuffed the department with mining, timber,and energy lobbyists. She claims:Today, instead of unilateral actions, we should go for consensusactionsOf course, she only believes in consensus if thosecoming to the consensus share her views.