I only got hit by one car today on my ride home. A woman in anoh-so-cute red Volkswagon Cabriolet turned right into a parking spacedirectlyin front of me. I had enough time to slam on the brakes beforeI smashed into the right rear fender of her car. Fortunately, both mybike and I were uninjured. Unfortunately, her car was alsouninjured. The first words out of her mouth, of course (all bicyclistsknow these words, so wait for it), were…“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’tsee you.” My response was to air out expletives that hadn’t seen thelight of day for a few weeks and to refer to the driver as the likelyresult of a government breeding program designed to probe the outerreaches of human stupidity. The driver was unamused by my lack ofacceptance of her apology. I was unmoved by her lack ofamusement. I started fishing around in my pack for my cell phone sothat I could call the Police. She found that even less amusing. I got off my bike to inspect the bike closely and found no damage. After deciding that SFPD (notoriously anti-bike) would probably take foreverto respond to an accident between a car and a bicyclist in which nobody wasinjured, nothing was damaged, and the bicyclist wasn’t at fault, I decidedto scream at the woman a bit more before taking off for the ferryagain. I’d like to think that this particular woman will drive moreintelligently the next time she’s out on the road. Somehow, I doubtthat will happen.

On Friday last week my George Bush Bribe Check (a.k.a. “taxrefund” check) came in the mail. As soon as it clears the bank Ican get busy divvying up the money between worthy causes that espouse theexact opposite viewpoints of the Bush/Cheney administration. Probablerecipients include:- The Sierra Club