We gave blood again last night. The people at the Red Cross OaklandBlood Services Center are great. They always take really good care ofus while we’re there.

Was I absent the day that 1/5 cup measuring cups were handed out inschool? Does everyone in the world except me have such an unusualunit of measurement squirreled away somewhere? The color safe bleachwe bought at the grocery store wants me to add 2/5 cup bleach to my regularsized laundry load. 2/5 cup!! I’m standing there with a 1/4 cupmeasuring cup, trying to find the lowest common denominator between the unitof measurement I possess, and the one desired by the bleach. It turnsout that the lowest common denominator is twenty. That means thebleach wants me to add 8/20 cup bleach to my laundry, but all I have is a5/20 cup measuring cup. Oh, that makes it much easier. Now I canadd one 1/4 cup and then an additional 3/20 cup. Let me grab my 1/20 cupmeasuring cup. I keep it right next to the atom smasher in thebasement. Message to the color safe bleach folks: First, I should never have to find the lowest commondenominator when using a common household product. Second, use a unitof measurement that people might have around the house. Givingmeasurements in fractions of cubit would be just as ridiculous as givingthem in fifths of a cup. You wouldn’t want to buy lumber in fractionsof a cubit, and I don’t want to measure my detergent in fifths.