If you want to spite Bush/Cheney and their spurious “tax cut,”a San Francisco Chronicle columnist has several worthwhile suggestions howto do so with your “tax cut” rebate check.

If nothing else, the Bush administration is doing their part to make surethat our drinking water has plenty of flavor. First, theadministration wanted to relax rules which kept arsenic out of ourdrinking water. Now, Christine Whitman, the head of the EPA (read: Bush/Cheney flunky), wants to make sure we get our Recommended DailyAllowance of mercury, as well. The [Los Angeles Times](http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2001/07/27/MN197202.

DTL) is reporting that adding mercury to thenation’s drinking water is just one part of a plan to repeal many pollutioncontrol regulations placed on power producers. The plan is designed tolet power producers do whatever they want in the name of cheapelectricity. Provisions of the plan include: - Increasing acidrain in the Northeast by scrapping regulations to reduce power plantemissions in the Midwest by 85 percent.

  • Decreasing the scenic value ofthe nation’s national parks by scrapping provisions specifically designed toincrease visibility at national parks by reducing power plantemissions.
  • Establishing a gigantic loophole to allow furtherpollution at the sites of old power plants. As regulations currentlystand, whenever power plants are expanded or modified, they must be broughtup to modern pollution control standards. This is not unlike howbuildings must be brought up ADA compliance when the building is renovatedor expanded. Scrapping this regulation would mean that old, heavilypolluting power plants could be expanded and modified without bringing theminto compliance with modern pollution control standards. This wouldallow utilities to simply bypass pollution controls by always addingcapacity at their existing power plants.
  • Adding more mercury to the environment by relaxing controls on mercuryemissions. The EPA’s own website lists mercury as a harmful pollutant which causes kidney damage. Make sure to send Ms. Whitman a note of thanks for looking keeping theutilities’ best interests in mind.