Last night, Sarah and I attended the A’s game at the Coliseum. TheMinnesota Twins beat the A’s behind a great pitching game by Joe Mays. Mays had a one-hitter going into the eighth, when he hit Jason Giambi andthen threw two wild pitches which allowed Giambi to advance to third. Eddie Guardado came in and got the Twins out of the eighth and into the ninthwhen TK gave the ball over to Hawkins. Hawkins, of course, allowed thetying run to reach the plate when he let the first up get on base. However, he was able to keep the A’s from scoring. The game ended witha 3-1 score. The Wednesday night games certainly draw a differentcrowd than those on the weekend. Tickets and hot dogs to A’s Wednesdaynight games are both $1. As such, over fifteen thousand people walkedup to get tickets the night of the game. The one dollar hot dogs meanlong lines at the food counters for the whole game. The crowd itselfis energetic and into the game, whereas the weekend crowd can be somnolentand more interested in what’s going on in the stands than what is happeningon the field.