From our “Stickin’ It to the Man” file: A [San FranciscoChronicle article](

DTL) details one man’s fight to prove that he was right. San Francisco – For some people, it would be a mere annoyance: a $75jaywalking ticket.

But for Robert Weidman, it became a three-year crusade, which ended onlywhen he got the city of San Francisco to give in and admit that its policeofficers didn’t know the state’s jaywalking code.

A few months ago, decided to start spamming me every Fridaywith an email titled “Your Weekly Movie Showtimes; This would almost be convenient if I lived inBakersfield, CA because is the only town for which movie showtimes arelisted in the e-mail. Unfortunately, Bakersfield is nearly 400 milesaway from my home, so the e-mail that they are sending is less thanhelpful. You’d think they could do better than that, considering theyhave my address from the numerous items I’ve had shipped to me in thepast.