is running an article which details the ICD (implantable cranialdefibrillator) that was recently implanted in GW Bush’s head. Veryfunny article; it’s something you might expect to find in The Onion.

Note to everyone who gets stuck in traffic: Traffic jams are notformed because there is a notable lack of car horn usage in the immediatearea. Excessive car horn use will not cause traffic to start flowingfreely again. In fact, even moderate car horn usage has been shown tohave no positive effect on traffic jams. Car horn usage while stuck intraffic only irritates your fellow automobile drivers and serves as a formof amusement to bicyclists and pedestrians. Hobby Creep: A personal version of feature creep. A person afflicted with hobby creep isalways trying to add just one more hobby to their personal life with noregard for the amount of time available to pursue that hobby. Thisphrase was coined by a co-worker of mine.