We walked to the end of the block yesterday to see the Alameda Fourth ofJuly parade. The Alameda parade is among a very small number ofJuly 4th parades in the Bay Area. The best “float” this yearwas a formation flight of three Stearman biplanes, towing a billboard-sizedAmerican flag. The Stearmans are based out of Oakland, and at leastone of the pilots lives here in Alameda. The Lamest Float award goesto the politician who didn’t bother to ride in the parade, but had a pair ofher flunkies ride in a convertible with a sign that read something like,”Representing Barbara Lee: Anonymous Person One and AnonymousPerson Two.”Last night we drove out to Alameda Point, the old Naval base, to watchthe fireworks in Oakland and San Francisco. Unfortunately, there wereclouds between us and the San Francisco display, so we only got to see theOakland fireworks.