From our “Worst Places to Pass Counterfeit Money” file (as reportedin the Boston Globe): The counterfeiting spree ended not long after it started,however, when Chase was caught by an East Boston single mother trying tomake a living on doughnut shop wages.

The cashier, who asked that her name not be used, said store managers hadwarned employees that counterfeit currency found in the registers would bedocked from their pay. So, she questioned Chase about a suspect $20 billpresented to pay for an iced coffee.

“I felt it and it was a thick piece of paper, so I looked at it andsaw it wasn’t real money. I wasn’t going to take the risk,” said thecashier.”I said, ‘This money is fake, so I can’t give you the stuff unless yougive me some real money’.”

The next person in line was an off-duty Boston police officer, who arrestedChase as well as Felton, who was waiting outside in a car, according to thecourt documents.

If you want to pass counterfeit money, there are probably better places totry it than a doughnut shop, the original stereotypical police officerhang-out.

The carrot harvest from the garden continues. Sarah harvested herfirst two ripe tomatoes from her cherry tomato plant. Last weekend, Ipulled almost all of the pea plants out of the garden. The pea plantshad turned brittle and completely tan i.e. dead. We aren’t sure what killedthe peas. One theory is that they got too much sun and heat, and notenough water. Another theory is that they were done in by powerdymildew, even though the plants were supposed to be powerdy mildewresistant. Now we are debating what to plant in the peas’ formerhome. Climbing flowers is one option. More peas of a differentvariety is another.