We harvested our first carrots from the garden last night. Last year’scarrots were small and not very tasty. This year, we made an effortdig deeper underneath the carrots before planting and that seems to havemade a big difference in the quality of the produce. Our carrots thisyear are reasonably big, juicy, and quite tasty.

The pumpkin plant continues its slow march to complete worlddominance. Everyday it seems to creep another inch or so towards thehouse and complete coverage of our parking place behind the house. My car started displaying a new problem on Tuesday. If the car wasdriven at highway speeds for more than ten minutes, it would no longervoluntarily shift down out of third gear to second gear when the car startedslowing. As a result, the car would begin to buck and jerk, beforeeventually stalling out. Of course, I didn’t find out about thiswonderful new trick until I was already thirty miles from home, with aboutseventy miles of driving still in front of me. There’s some feelingthat the transmission just needs to be “serviced.” That is,drain the transmission fluid reservoir, fill it back up, and see whathappens. Of course, now that I’m serious about selling the car again,this problem crops up.